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We give you the opportunity to discover your creative passion and find out what you love to do! We give you the guidance, support, and tools that allow you to learn, grow, and enhance your skills for a career in digital media, creative video production, and content marketing.

We want those who strive to be better and take pride in their work each and every day.  Therefore, if you decide you aren't happy in this line of work and want to pursue a new career path,  THAT'S OKAY, WE UNDERSTAND. 

In fact, we'll help you put together an awesome portfolio and resume to help you find a position that better aligns with your career and life goals.

Above all, we want you to find your passion and be able to master your art.  Why? Because we always want the best for our team.

the benefits

set your own hours

We offer you the ability to set your own hours because if you're a hustler, you will hold yourself accountable and you will get the job done no matter what it takes. 

unlimited vacation

Why would any company ever do this?  We want our team to feel free because we strongly believe that travel boosts mental health, creativity, & new ideas that are worth sharing from wherever you are in the world.  

competitive pay

Why limit yourself to an hourly pay with no incentives?  If you like being rewarded for doing your best work and being the one that makes things happen, you've found the right place to be. 

remote work  

We know that not everyone is at their best from 9-5 in a cubicle. That's why we give you the freedom to work in the place that you feel most comfortable, creative, and effective working in. 

who we want

the best 

We are building a team of superstars only.  So if you think you're a guru and want to join an awesome team where you're rewarded for your talents and hard us what you got and get in touch. 

(If this isn't you, don't bother applying)

the hungry

We want the type of people that always go the extra mile in everything they do. The ones that push themselves harder than anyone they know and are dedicated to succeeding at all costs.

the passionate

We believe those who use their creative energy to make the world a better place are the ones that will. We want people who are passionate about making our community a better and safer place. People that are willing to volunteer their time to make a difference!

(We LOVE HELPING the Children's Bureau!)

the versatile

You must have that burning desire to learn new skills on-the-go and make your work better and more efficient everyday. We want a team that can wear many hats and aren't afraid to try new things.  

We're ALWAYS accepting applications 

Raise The Bar Ventures LLC

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