JOIN OUR TEAM! We're a fast-growing digital marketing startup located in the heart of Indianapolis and we need to add to the squad!

We give you the opportunity to discover your creative passion and find out what you love to do! We give you the guidance, support, and tools that allow you to learn, grow, and enhance your skills for a career in digital media, creative video production, and content marketing.

We want those who strive to be better and take pride in their work each and every day. Therefore, if you decide you aren't happy in this line of work and want to pursue a new career path, THAT'S OKAY, WE UNDERSTAND.

In fact, we'll help you put together an awesome portfolio and resume to help you find a position that better aligns with your career and life goals.

Above all, we want you to find your passion and be able to master your art. Why? Because we ONLY want the best for our team.

Applications Deadline: Feb 5th. Submit portfolio or resume today through our Apply page!

We'll contact you to arrange an interview!

Raise The Bar Ventures LLC

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