Top 3 Recruiting Tips of 2018

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“Being a good employer has always served companies well in terms of recruitment and retention, now those practices can also yield broader positive business benefits,” says Alison DaSilva, Executive VP of CSR Strategy at Cone Communications. "Companies should now showcase their internal efforts to enhance their reputation and gain crucial points in the eyes of consumers."

When asked about the most important responsible business practice, consumers identified being a good employer as the top priority — showing that consumers want to do business with companies that, first and foremost, do good to their own people.

The most difficult aspect of recruiting is the knowing of job-seekers — it's impossible to recruit someone you don't know about. Candidates have become very picky and now have a list of demands while looking for new positions.

However, businesses that are able to maintain a positive reputation within the community will carry a huge advantage because they will not be forced to meet every one of these demands and will naturally attract more applicants. Businesses must strive to increase the satisfaction of their employees if they want to grow and succeed.

Although sports are a little different from business, they provide a lens that magnifies the importance of having a great team. Having one or two all-stars may help out with a few games, but it simply isn't enough when forced to take on teams that consist of the best of the best in every position. It's hard to deny this trend in almost every professional league. NBA has the Golden State Warriors, NFL has the Patriots, and for soccer fans La Liga has Barcelona, Bundesliga has Bayern Munich, Ligue 1 has Paris Saint-Germain, and now Serie A with Juventus. These teams are eliminating their competition by any means; even if it requires them to use their competitors' top performers for a spot on their bench.

It's why Alabama's football program is able to recruit 5-star defensive lineman each year that are 6'5", 290 lbs and run a 4.5 40-yard dash. Recruits know the second they get that call from Alabama that the chance to be successful is now possible because of the reputation the program has carefully built, publicized, and maintained over the last 50 years.

The good news is, much like great athletes, great employees are now willing to sacrifice leading roles and financial gain in order to be a part of a great team. The companies that are able to make their business known for being a great employer with a great work atmosphere, will ultimately be able to hand-select their dream team.

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