Why you absolutely NEED video on your website.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Your website visitors' duration all comes down to the quality of your content and the simplicity of your user interface. It must be easy to use and navigate through OR ELSE YOU WILL LOSE CUSTOMERS VERY FAST. Having engaging videos will not only maximize your site's conversion rates, but it will also boost your SEO's and SERP to help increase your visibility and organic traffic!

(This is why I include videos in my Blog Posts!!!)

Google Adwords are quickly fading in popularity due to higher ROI's with content marketing. The Finance, Pharma, and Tech industries are all on track to increase their digital marketing budgets by up to 20% in an attempt to jump on the trend that's definitely here to stay.

Below is a graph of CURRENT MARKETING SPENDING by channel.

Slide to find out the ROI of each channel!!

The results are in for Content Marketing:

Good Content: More Time Engagement + More Retention = More Conversions

-->More Business

Average Content: Less Engagement + Less Retention = Less Conversions

-->Not More Business

Do you want to stand out or do you want to keep letting your competitors to steal your business? The choice is yours.

Shoot us an email to contact@raisethebarapp.com and we can chat about how you can get affordable and quality video marketing content that is continuously improved and tested.


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